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December 31, 2018

2018, has without a doubt, been the year for Influencer Marketing Campaigns. From small-scale start-ups, to established companies, all have grown their business through this powerful platform leveraging positive brand images to attain higher reach.

Based on research, 80% of the customers believe all information provided by social media influencers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

60% of the consumers make their purchase decisions after considering the information provided by the top influencers in the country.

Here are the top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2018. (Indian & International campaigns)

Filter Copy Loco App
Filter Copy is a YouTube-based short video making company. The channel produces short videos which reflect the day to day life of a common man in India.

Recently, Loco – one of the top gaming platforms dealing with live interactive quiz formats – had collaborated with Filter copy in their video for Father’s day titled “Things Fathers do”.

The video starred some of the prominent actors of Indian Television such as Rajat Kapoor, Rohan Shah and Madhu Gudi. There was a scene in the video where the father played the Loco app.

This subtle insert into the plot did not make it look like a product endorsement. Also, the video was able to connect with the audience at an emotional and sentimental level
**Campaign views: 4.4 million **

Nykaa & Rohan Joshi
A male comedian promoting a top beauty brand product seems odd as the two may seem to have nothing in common.

As unconventional as it sounds, Nykaa took influencing marketing to another level by collaborating with comedian Rohan Joshi, and creating makeup challenge videos with him and another beauty enthusiasts.

Nykaa decided to capitalize on the stardom of Joshi and gain popularity in an unconventional way.

Craftsvilla & Top Indian Influencers
Craftsvilla is one of the premium online fashion brands in the country. It aimed to instill the idea among its audiences that fashion is beyond all labels and it is important not to judge people based on shape, size, colour, ethnicity and profession.

In order to promote this concept, Craftsvilla decided to collaborate with 20 leading woman influencers in India.

For instance, the plus-sized influencer, Sonam, spoke about how she pursued her dreams and ambitions overlooking all the limits societal criticism imposed on her.

MeUndies (Loungewear and Apparel Brand)
MeUndies used Influencer Marketing Campaign to show Off Company’s progressive brand values.

The goal of the campaign was to promote MeUndies prints and styles, communicate company and social values and reach customers and communities during relevant dates and seasons. MeUndies content can sometimes also contain provocative imagery.

A random sampling of 20 Instagrammers who partnered with the brand also shows many fun and lighthearted slice-of-life moments.

Influencers working with the brand typically used hashtags #MeUndies and #MeUndiesPartner in their content descriptions, with some offering discount codes through custom MeUndies links, while others referenced links.

American Express
American Express launched its influencer marketing campaign with a full swing with the trending #ExperienceAmex.

As part of the campaign, they partnered with bloggers from various niche markets like fashion, beauty, travel, food, etc., to share their experience with American Express card and benefits they have got.

And this is what they said!

Tiffany And Co. & Photography Influencers
Tiffany and Co. saw an 8% + engagement rate with popular photography influencer marketing campaign.

Luxury jewelry brand Tiffany and Co. partners with Jack Morris, a millennial travel influencer, to spotlight the company’s sustainability efforts.

Himalaya & Top Indian Influencers
Select 152 influencers tried out the various facial wipes and created engaging content in the different social media platforms using the hashtag #WipesOnTheGo.

Some of the well-known bloggers who were part of this campaign were Esha Hindocha, Avani Hiranandani and Nidhi Agarwal. The bloggers incorporated a wide range of content forms like static posts, grid posts, videos and blog posts.

The #WipesOnTheGo campaign was indeed very successful as it generated about 10 lakh impressions, 1.7 lakh engagement and clicks.

Also, this was one of the most popular campaigns in the beauty and wellness community.The uses of such interesting campaigns shows us that influencer marketing is a fool-proof technique of branding which will help brands increase their visibility and reach in no time.

Brands need to identify influencers in their niche. This is not confined to only B2C brands, even many B2B brands are capitalizing by partnering with influencers in their niche. Getting 1 influencer to recommend your product is equivalent to getting thousands of reviews from users. It’s time to fit Influencer Marketing strategy into your marketing strategy.