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Source: Jiddatistaan

India has the third highest number of start-ups in the world. (Livemint)

However, many Indian businessmen say, “I don’t have the time to do all of that” or “I can’t afford that big of a team”, when they have to produce a lot of content for various digital platforms.

It does not always have to start out that way. Every startup needs to produce relevant content to reach out to their target audience and create a strong customer base, but, people overthink their businesses - who they hire, how they market etc.

If you’re at the stage where you’re ready to scale a business or a brand, you must understand, your business actually needs only 4 people. They are:

1. A “Math” Person

You must be wondering if the “math” person is for accounts or finance but that’s wrong. In fact, it is someone who knows how to run ads.

The “math” person understands things like customer acquisition cost (CAC), life-time value (LTV), cost per follower, and the concepts that allow you to really take advantage of different ad platforms.

The math person should also be able to communicate with the videographer or the team who is responsible for producing the content in order to tell them the kind of footage they need to run ads and get the desired results.

2. An “Art” Person

You need someone who’s good at designing - someone who can take the video content and turn it into interesting images like infographics on Instagram.

Depending on your brand, an image like that may or may not be authentic to you. Your designer should be able to take inspirations and create an image you can distribute across social platforms.

3. A “Video” Person

When it comes to a video person, you need to have someone who can both shoot the film and post-produce, but, not all video people are able to do that.

Some are only good behind the camera. Others are editors who can take raw footages and mix them to make a great video. Your startup needs someone who can do both.

Videographers who film and edit the videos that go up on various digital marketing platforms are extremely important for your startup. This includes “micro-clips” (like the ones that go on the business LinkedIn and Instagram feed) and longer form videos (that go on YouTube).

4. A “Written Word” Person

It’s sad but true that writing is one of the most underrated skills today. It’s unbelievably crucial and a lot of people overlook it – especially on platforms like Instagram that are very visual. It’s easy to get caught up in the video and design elements and ignore the words you’re putting in the headline and in the copy below.

When you don’t write long, descriptive, good copy for your Instagram pictures, you can test the negative impact on reach and engagement. Same thing applies to other digital platforms too.

A startup needs these four people to successfully grow. Ask yourself today if your startup has someone wearing each of these hats. If you don’t, you must think about bringing a new member in. However, if there are too many people wearing the same hat, then it might be time to say goodbye to a few people.