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Twenty-Twenty’s most popular Netflix show La Casa De Papel better known as “Money Heist” brings more than just high octane entertainment to the table. Binge watching this series, led to interesting insights into valuable marketing lessons.  

Here are five lessons to bid “Bella Ciao” to your marketing conundrums.

Numero uno: Understand your Market Inside Out

We were all awestruck at how the professor kept coming up with ingenious strategies to counter the police and propel his gang ahead.

It’s simple, the Professor knew the system inside out. He could anticipate the moves they were going to make and had a counter strategy in place beforehand.

Having an in-depth understanding of your market along with your client’s business model is key. Knowing the target audience, the content they consume and formats they interact with is paramount for precision in your marketing efforts.

Numero dos: Meticulous Planning

The Professor did extensive research before pulling off the greatest heist in history at the Royal Mint of Spain. The months of research and meticulous planning before the D-day was instrumental in mitigating the risks seen and unforeseen.

He had innumerable contingency plans like “Plan Chernobyl” and “Plan Cameroon” to fall back on in the event of things going awry.

Marketers should meticulously plan their marketing strategies backed with extensive research and make informed decisions.

Having contingency content and media plans in place prepares a team both mentally as well as operationally to deal with a multitude of unfavourable scenarios.

Numero tres: Play to your Strengths

The professor’s strength was monitoring execution behind the scenes. He delegated tasks to his team members on the battlefield.

Similarly, marketers should play to their platform strengths. Identify the type of platform or content dissemination that works best for your brand and target audiences.

Understand your brand’s tonality and the primary TG before choosing the communication platform(s).

Numero cuatro: Think on your feet

Tokyo was the poster child for being impulsive and often strayed from the original plan. The gang had to often improvise to keep the ball rolling.

As Marketers, we should always have the ability to think on our feet when despite the best planning practices, uncertainty creeps in. With the outbreak of covid 19, brands have had to improvise and bin their initial marketing strategies to adapt to changing content consumption trends.

Numero cinco : Define your brand persona, and Stick to it

The entire heist was hinging on the premise that they shall be no bloodshed. They were not stealing from people but creating their own money. These self proclaimed Robin Hoods had created a cult following with their Dali Masks, a symbol of resistance and garnered the support of the masses who showed up in huge numbers to witness their heros uprising against unjust economic practices.

Marketers should carve a niche in the minds of their consumers by creating a distinct brand persona. Brand Affinity is about making an emotional connection with the brand and its customers over shared values. Marketers should focus on how to make their brands distinct in the minds of their consumers, and stay loyal to that zone.