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When it comes to generating leads, the process has never been linear. The funnel marketing process is straightforward in theory. However, your audience does not follow this linear process through the funnel.

Different members of your target group can be found at various stages of the funnel. They are at varying levels of making the buying decision. Generating leads is extremely important. These leads however have to nurtured and undergo conversion.


This is not the case since leads enter and leave the funnel at varying stages as desired. This a natural part of the marketing process. However, the nurturing process in the below-listed strategies focuses on minimizing this and maximizing conversion.

The one thing that does remain constant is the behavior of the customer in each field. Their expectations at a particular stage are discernible. Based on this we can strategize content marketing to the consumers.


The funnel can be broken down into five stages.

  1. Awareness
  2. Information search
  3. Option evaluation
  4. Purchase Decision
  5. Post Purchase Evaluation

Ultimately while providing information or while designing sites, understanding the thought process of leads aids in the formation of precise strategies. May it be the content, CTA’s, the design, etc needs to facilitate the conversion process.

Here are guaranteed methods of attracting people at each stage of the funnel.

  1. At the Need Recognition or Awareness Stage

This the top of the funnel and has the potential to reach a large mass of people. With regard to the IoT sector, this stage is vital.

Firstly because most people are not largely aware of IoT systems and their functions. This lack of information stops them from understanding how a certain product will help them.

However, it is hard to decipher if your potential consumers are even largely aware of the problem. This is where the content that is marketed needs to address the issue and present the solution.

This can be done through various means


  • Seminars and events:

B2B buyers, marketers and other professionals who are working in any particular can be made aware of the problems in their field. Organizing these events helps in directing consumer's attention towards your product.

This is also an excellent way to generate leads. consensual collection of lead information such as name, email ids, contact info etc is facilitated.

  • Blogging:

Event and seminars are generally regionalized. Blogging is an effective platform to overcome the shortcoming of seminars. It has a greater reach and the followers or readers are people who are genuinely interested.

Several sites ask for the consumer's details through subscriptions which are generally free. Therefore, curating a quality lead list

  • Social media advertising

Social media works as amazing platform where content could be seeded and passively consumed. Especially with regards to reaching people who are unaware of the specifics of the problem.

It also tremendously aids the process of creating a brand identity.

  1. At the Information search stage

The consumer is mostly aware of their problem at this stage. Therefore, they are actively seeking out information.

However, this shouldn't be confused with searching for options.
If the content is sales-driven instead of being information-driven at this stage, you risk losing leads.

This is still the top of the funnel and the content has to be information-driven. So focus on directing traffic towards your website.


The strategies you can use in this field is:

  • Infographics
  • SEO Optimization
  • Search analytics
    These help in providing information while putting your brand at the forefront. The key to appealing to tech and info savvy audience is creating trust.

Through the use of search analytics tools ensure that the content you create is SEO Optimized. You can aim for top-rated searches and questions as well as the low rated ones.

Top-rated searches have one drawback which is your content remaining hidden or not being heard. Low- rated searches, although, reach a statistically small group of people, establishes you as the expert in a niche.

  1. At the Option Evaluation stage

This is the middle of the funnel, where the customers are largely aware of the problem and the solution. Therefore, the search is for products that fit their needs.

Content marketing at this stage needs to focus on demand-generation instead of leads. The leads generated through the previous methods have to be nurtured to undergo conversion.
The information collected at the previous stage is useful.


This is how content is curated at this stage using the available information.

  • Drip email marketing
  • Social media micro-influencers or influencers.
  • Website, Landing pages
  • CTA’s
  1. At the Purchase Decision Stage

This is the end of the funnel, where the consumer has weighed his choices and is about to make the decision to buy. Regardless of whether the lead has gone through the funnel with your brand or has entered the funnel at this stage, there are certain things that you need to focus on.

  • Keywords such as: Buy, Download, Deals, Demo
  • Offers and attractive deals
  • Smooth and easy process to buy on the website.
  • Multiple Payment options etc

These are the things that you need to keep in mind in the last stage of the Funnel. Ensure that your website is functioning smoothly. The deals and offers have to be eyecatching and attractive. Multiple payment options help in reaching a larger base of people and facilitate mouth to mouth advertising.

  1. At the Post Purchase Evaluation Stage

Considering the IoT Industry it is vital to maintain a steady line of communication. This applies to the pre-purchase and the post-purchase stages of marketing. The relationship with your customer should not end with the buying decision.

Especially after establishing trust with the brand, the relationship has to be nurtured and fostered. This allows for brand loyalty and advocacy. Most people still depend on the reviews of their peers when it comes down to making decisions.

So an earlier customer who favors the brand can be given offers for advertising and advocating your brand.


When it comes to marketing for IoT products providing information at each stage of the funnel is vital. This helps in establishing a value proposition for the product and sets a positive identity for the brand.

Focusing on certain elements and avoiding the rest can be extremely harmful to the brand. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to keep up with modern trends when it comes to marketing.
As a marketer, you need to be attuned to changes around you and be mindful of the customer.