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It’s been over 2 months into quarantine, and with the end nowhere in sight, most of us are making peace with working from home. A blessing for some, while being a curse for others, we found this lockdown draining our creative thinking like never before. As everyone got to finding their own self-charging hacks, and we observed the team return to their previous levels of creative electricity by last week. So here is a compilation of a few ways of dealing with creative burnout, right from the 1702 fam!

Pranay Bhan - Associate Creative Director


“So my technique for getting into the zone is writing down the brief/TG/pointers by hand. When that doesn't work either I do this mix of doodling and scribbling and see if I can find any shapes in it. I know it sounds chaotic and random, but it kinda gets my neurons to start forming those connections that get my head thinking abstract and creative stuff.”

Jayesh - Associate Art Director


“A sudden act of unwinding takes my brain by surprise, and post that I find myself more creatively productive. This lockdown has had a lot of my friends staying relatively free throughout the day, and they randomly call me to play a round of a mobile game like Call Of Duty. A short break of 1-2 matches and I am ready to resume working feeling quite recharged.”

Aamir Aziz - Legal & Admin


”I am able to maintain my concentration levels well, but I have come to realise that human interactions are essential to keep me going. So whenever I feel I am slowing down, I quickly get on a call with either my juniors or my colleagues, and I feel extremely refreshed after that. If you too feel like continuously working in silence is a recent adjustment that you are forced to make, then this hack should work for you as well as it does for me.”

Heena Thakkar - HR


“I’ve found that keeping my mind and body active with Yoga makes my day a lot smoother. It keeps me calm and daily stress doesn’t get to me. Sometimes when I feel that my head feels heavy or I feel the monotony affecting my concentration, I do some breathing exercises for a few minutes and it helps me clear my head within minutes!”

Varun Jacob - Brand Strategist


“I tend to try and read/watch as much as I can. When it comes to creative ideation, just having more, newer information can help so much. You never know what might just cue your mind into what you need. It could be a random YouTube video, maybe headline in the news, or even a meme - you get that eureka moment and figure everything out. Referencing is refreshing!”

Alan Chettiar - Account Manager


"I treat myself to 20-30 minutes of FRIENDS. I don't mean just the TV show. When my friends are around, I play some fun games with them, like badminton or ludo. When they aren't free, I go for an episode of FRIENDS. Either way, the activity completely disconnects me from my stress and deadlines, connecting dots I hadn't before."

Rushiraj Loke - Tech


"I try to look at deadlines as mini-quests, game missions if you will. It keeps me on my toes and in the most critical situations allows me to up with creative solutions. Even though my job isn't creative as per the general public, a creative solution to a tough problem is almost like a speedrun."