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It goes without saying that IoT is the next big thing, massive enough to launch the fourth industrial revolution.

The only problem now lies in reaching a large scale of people. Especially making them aware of IoT projects and to make them actively seek out IoT services as a solution for various problems.

Generating leads for the IoT can be done in multiple ways. There’s always the option of buying lead lists, however, they are prone to inaccuracies.

Firstly you have no ideas about how this list was generated.
Secondly, there might other companies that use the same list.
Lastly, the leads have no information whatsoever about your product and your brand, making you just another IoT service.

Organic lead generation bridges the gap between the service provider and the consumer. Thereby solving the above-mentioned issues.


1. Events and seminars.

Understanding your audience is an absolute must. When it comes down to generating leads, you need to understand their position as leads. They may or may not be aware of the benefits of IoT service.

Event and Seminars are the perfect platforms when it comes to providing information and attracting quality leads. The people who attend the events are actively searching for specific information.

These are also spaces for networking. Various buyers from different sectors search for services that could solve their problems. Thereby potentially expanding into sectors that you possibly did not consider.


2. Blogging.

It sounds extremely simple but is one of the best ways to reach a vast number of people.

Imagine this, the service provided by your IoT product has a vast number of applications. It applies to different fields. Each field or sector has its own uniques challenges and problems. One single blog does not address all the issues.

For eg. urban planning, healthcare, infrastructure, banking, transportation are the various fields that require IoT assistance, are possible markets. They have their own problems that your IoT product can solve.

Blogs dedicated to IoT specific products merely touch upon the benefits that the products have. The buyers from another sector are unaware of the technicalities of the product. These blogs are not helpful for these decision-makers.

On the other hand, blogs focusing on the problems of a specific sector are informative and detailed. They are understood by buyers since they face these issues. Product description then functions as the solution instead of being jargon.

Bloggers, through multiple websites, have followers interested in one particular topic. They are people who genuinely want to know about a product or service.

Blogs help you go industry-specific while generating leads. Thereby covering a larger ground.


3. Social Media Platforms.

As explained previously your leads can range somewhere between being completely unaware, to making a buying decision. Social media platforms can target the entire range of people.

The key is engagement, engaging posts, videos etc that are minimal, informative and attention-catching.

Leads that have minimal information can be direct towards websites or blogs for further information.
Those on the verge of making a buying decision can be directed towards the website to ultimately make a purchase.

Witty posts and topical content can also help in establishing a social media presence. Establishing brand identity is essential in standing out among the crowd.

Social media platforms allow account-based marketing, influencer marketing, moment marketing, advocacy programs. etc


4. Referrals

Referral marketing generally tends to be overlooked but is one of the most effective ways of marketing. Once you have provided quality service to your previous clients and have also assured after-care for the product, you can ask for referrals.

This is generally considered an end of the funnel technique, where a client advocates your IoT product however it is tremendously efficient in generating new leads.

Since this generally happens through word of mouth, it creates trust in the leads generated. People still look up to their peers and reviews given by them. So when someone recommends or swears by a specific product, it is bound to attract attention.

Businesses can clearly state how the IoT product helped them overcome a certain problem and therefore advocate it

  • Conclusion

One other thing that goes without saying when it comes to any of the above-mentioned strategies is the sheer amount of brainstorming that has to be done beforehand.

The hacks presented in this blog are a series of pointers that can be fleshed out into full-fledged marketing strategies. That not only generate Leads but also establish the brand image and develop the brand’s identity to its fullest potential.

Outsourcing Lead Generation is therefore beneficial in multiple ways.:

  • Marketers depend on internet analytics tool to chalk out effective strategies. Posts and content serve a larger purpose that is informing people.
  • Talent for content writing and creative content is vital. If a post isn’t engaging then it won't generate enough traffic for your website.
  • Moment marketing is reactionary in nature. The dissonance between your opinion and your post can make or break your brand’s identity.

There are multiple ways to create leads but aftercare, mainly customer care is extremely vital in sustaining the reputation of the IoT brand.

A digital marketing agency is well equipped to tackle these issues. They help in generating and more importantly nurturing these leads. At the end of the day, quality leads should take precedence over the number of leads.

Organic generation ensures this and therefore helps in lead conversions.